Beyond Outsourcing

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Beyond Outsourcing is a business consulting firm of our US-based reputed client. Designed on the Webflow platform, the delivered solution is feature-rich, user-friendly, responsive and easily accessible to web users. 

When we received the project details from this client, our experts recommended developing it on the leading platform of the time - Webflow.  As the business of this client demands more professionalism, we had to suggest a platform featuring the visual elegance along with responsiveness. 

With a robust responsive web solution, Beyond Outsourcing can better connect with larger audiences and serve them effortlessly. Our project boasts of features like:

  • Responsive Solution - As the target audience of this client belongs to almost all the verticals of the market, a responsive website design was highly recommended. So, our delivered solution features fully responsive design to address queries of mobile and web users simultaneously.
  • Robust Design - To deliver a robust web solution, we designed Beyond Outsourcing solution with CSS grid powerful layouts with W3C compliant semantic coding. It also includes Global Swatches, responsive images and amazing CSS properties.
  • Animations - Right on the Home page of Beyond Outsourcing, we've added motion effects  that create a fantastic visual appeal to visitors. Just as the Home page, the use of animations is made in almost all the pages of this web solution. This way, our webflow expert developers have put a great effort to make the site vibrant and full of life.
  • Power CMS - Integrated with Webflow CMS REST API, this project is developed to cater flexibility to the website owner enabling him/her to manage content right from the CMS dashboard. For flawless blog settings, it is equipped with amazing Open Graph and SEO settings, RSS feeds and content filtering properties.
  • Custom Forms & Interactive Map - SEO complaint design, this web solution has custom forms and highly interactive maps. With the integrated map, it becomes easier for our client to display its exact location on Google Map to its visitors and grow visibility on the web.


Backend - Webflow

Frontend- Webflow