Zeus Commercial

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Zeus Commercial Project is developed for our US-based client. The software is designed to support users, clients and front line representatives with a simple, easy to use, yet robust configuration of quote and price platform. This software is a simplified quoting model that helps make pricing simpler, faster, and more efficient.

A cloud-based software for managing quotes, it grows with the growing needs of businesses. Our solution helps users to find operational perfection with powerful reporting and basic analytics features. In contrast to other platforms, this software is also helpful to marketing and sales representatives as it delivers them an actual real-time forecast related to sales. So, using our solution, the client is capable of helping its users with more locatable businesses quickly.

Designed on leading technology, the software enables users to effectively manage their schedules, various tasks and offer quick access to sales as well as growth metrics. Whether you're in your office, or outdoors on a trip, this solution will be there 24 x 7 hours with its support. It is indeed a key to remarkable productivity. Get this software and have a flawless access to all your operational and productivity tools from any place, anytime.

Key Features -

  •  Powerful Authentication - As this solution is designed for businesses for creating a variety of reports and quotes; authentication had been the biggest need of our client. So, our programmers have added a robust authentication feature to it.
  • Streamlining Operations - For adequately streamlining operations of businesses, the software is integrated with features like multi-product selection, functionality filtering, etc.
  • Easy searching - To provide quick searching assistance, the software has search functionality on Customer List, Supplier List and also Product List.
  • Automated Product ID Generation - In this solution, we added a function that automatically generated the product ID.
  • Management Features - For featuring, a quality vendor management, this software is designed with a great flexibility and editing features. For efficient management, it is loaded with features like product editing, customer adding and editing.

This way, with our powerful solution, we have enabled our client to serve its client-base/customers in a fantastic way and help them grow vastly.


Full Stack Developer Backend

Full Stack Developer Frontend


ReactJS, Apache Ofbiz J2EE, Docker, ExpressJS, Apache Solr, Apache Httpd Server, Firebase.